The Fine Oak Bracelet from Ro Copenhagen is made from solid 18 karat white gold. Set with Abonos Oak wood and a Ro signature diamond. Fine Oak Gold Bracelet

Fine Oak Bracelet

18kt White Gold

GBP 615.00

Item number: 99471

Fine Oak Bracelet

“Respect the old, and seek out the new.”

This bracelet is set with a “stone” of Abonos wood.
Abonos is a wood native to Denmark - it settles in Danish marshlands for thousands of years as it becomes richer and denser.
Abonos wood is given new life in our Fine Oak collection.

The Fine Oak Bracelet is made from 18kt white gold.
Set with a “stone” of Abonos wood and a Ro signature diamond.
Brill.0.003 ct TW.VS.

Ø 7mm.
Also available in 18kt yellow gold.