Ro Copenhagen’s phenomenal selection of gold stud earring sets for women 


The quality and definition of design that you will uncover within the pieces purchased from Ro Copenhagen is unparalleled. Designed specifically to emanate a sense of calm, style and serenity it is the ideal choice for those who are enamored by classic, stylish and understated charm. 


Within their world-renowned range of stud earring sets you will be guaranteed to find the perfect match for yourself or a loved one. With each set undulating with tones of elegance, grace and bravura, the gold earring sets from Ro are sure to provide you with everything that you desire within a piece of jewellery.


Each and every item within these varied and diverse collections has been thoughtfully designed and injected with individual personality by Ro’s own master craftsmen and expert goldsmiths.


In utilizing only the very best and highest quality materials, the composition of each piece is diligently handmade with a pledge to excellence, care and quality.


Ro Copenhagen believes its patrons are all uniquely special and therefore we treat each item of jewellery in such a manner too.


Gold stud earring sets with diamonds 

The stud earring set collections within Ro Copenhagen’s range are extensive but this does not mean that their products lack any sense of personal identity or intimacy of design.

In order to create the perfect piece, the designers and creators at Ro first have to understand the ever-changing needs of the modern woman. Not all women have the same taste as one another and not all women have the unwavering affection for one particular style. With that in mind, Ro have devised a range of jewellery that is adaptable, varied and most importantly timeless in its charm.

Each and every earring within the gold earring set collections have been adorned with that simple and perfect Ro signature white diamond stone, which is the hallmark of this distinguished brand. 

Within the earring collections, you will find a number of perfectly produced gold earring pairs. Each of the sets is striking enough to be a statement piece as it is or has the scope to be paired with other sets and stacked up the ear for a more dramatic statement look.

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Nord Collection

The colors found within nature are a monumental inspiration for artists and designers worldwide and Ro Copenhagen is no different. Taking inspiration from the landscape and pouring those visions into their pieces and that is what you will find within the gold stud earring sets of the Nord Collection.

Using The Northern Lights as a muse, The Nord Collection’s range offers you snippets of those beguiling colors of the night sky and the universe beyond.

Each of the gold stud earring sets are available as The Nord White with a large white topaz, The Nord Light Green stud with a bright beryl stone, The Nord Green with a rich sage tourmaline stone and The Nord Blue with a breathtaking aquamarine. As with all Ro pieces, each of the earrings is completed with the signature Ro diamond stone.


Fryd Collection 

For those with an affiliation to more regal and majestic persuasions, The Fryd Collection can offer you facets of grandiose and magnificent design.

Within this range of stud earring sets you will be met with a traditional and timeless oval or the resplendent Marquise silhouette studs.

Both the Fancy Oval and the Marquise stud earrings are available in a frosty topaz, a feminine tourmaline or an eye-catching London blue topaz.

The Fryd Collection also offers The Fancy Petit Diamond Studs which are dainty and bijou but flicker with a total of 6 luminous white diamonds.


Earrings from the Orbit Collection 

Again, using nature as a muse for creativity, The Orbit Collection bears reference to the sky and all it holds. This delicate and refined range provides nuances of the flora and fauna found within our midst with the leaf shaped Orbit Leaf Stud earrings and the floral Orbit Dot Stud Earrings.


Earrings from the Rock Collection 

The Rock Collection is a little more imposing, compelling and contemporary in its appearance with its blocky design and enigmatic presence.

With variations of sizes available for gold stud earring sets within The Rock Collection, you will find between 2 and 38 cut diamonds influenced by your choice of size and shape of stud.


Ro Copenhagen can provide you with all the advice and support you need for buying the gold stud earrings set, along with all other products from their collections      

Purchasing jewellery, whether for yourself or for a loved one, should not be an impulsive act or afterthought. Purchasing jewellery is an emotive and heart-driven event that provides you with the chance to hold on to a timeless memory or moment in time through a well-designed and considered and quality item.

If you are unsure about buying white gold diamond stud earrings, or any jewellery product from our ranges, then Ro Copenhagen can provide you with unparalleled expert guidance, product recommendations and style suggestions.


Please do not hesitate to contact our expert team via email at or by telephone +45 70 30 13 13 between the hours of 10am and 3pm.


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