Show your personal style with necklace with letters from Ro Copenhagen

Experience the immaculate quality and design of Ro Copenhagen with a necklace with letters

We’re Ro Copenhagen – an eponymous Danish jewellery brand, our ethos and bravura sets us apart.

Ro Copenhagen was founded with the desire to design, craft and provide flawless, immaculate and high-quality jewellery for the modern and contemporary woman.

Within our extensive range of various collections, you will find an undulating sense of calm and serenity, which serves as a soothing backdrop against a sometimes frenetic and raucous world.

Deliberately veering away from any unnecessary showy designs or spectacle, each item is dainty, intimate and classically understated.

Ro Copenhagen staunchly believes that any piece of jewellery should enhance the spirit of its wearer and not mask it. This is why the design of the items is paired-back and delicate, allowing you to uncover your own sense of panache and character.

Tranquility, elegance and modest design is what you will find and be captivated by within all pieces created by Ro Copenhagen.

With distinct craftsmanship, uncomplicated design and supreme quality, you will be enamored by all that you discover within this distinguished brand.


The My Collection, made exclusively for you

Purchasing any piece of jewellery is not about finishing off a look or outfit or giving a token gift to a loved one. Jewellery should be a thoughtful and considered investment, both in the economical and emotional sense.

The My Collection has been lovingly crafted for this very purpose, so that you can recall a special moment, time, person or sentiment, and carry that feeling with you wherever you go.

The My Collection is one of the exquisite ranges brought to you by Ro Copenhagen, and it features emblematic pedants or stud earrings in either numerical or alphabet form.

As with all items from Ro Copenhagen, each letter pendant is decorated with the hallmark singular white diamond that is indicative of this spectacular and classic brand.


Simplicity is the key

Although memories and emotions can be convoluted, the My Collection range of diamond letter necklaces will serve to provide you with discreet and effortless elegance. Unique and modern, this range enables you to proudly display our gold or silver letter necklace with a sense of modesty and reserve.

With alphabet letters from A-Z and numbers from 0-9, you can either purchase a singular pendant or opt for multiple pendants for a more dynamic and bespoke look.

The minimal composition of each item enables the hallmark Ro Copenhagen diamond to shine through, as well as creating a look that is inimitable, respective and contemporary.


Delicate, dainty and divine

All pieces within the necklace with letters range, as well as all of Ro Copenhagen’s collections, are made from only the highest quality materials. With a choice between an exquisite 18 karat white or yellow gold, you will find an abundant selection of ways to express your own unique style.

All Ro Copenhagen’s pendants are purchased separately from the necklace chain which enables you to create and wear a thoroughly bespoke item. The versatile neck chains are also available in a quality 18 karat white or yellow gold, at varying lengths, and are also adorned with Ro’s signature brilliant-cut diamond. The chains can be used for any of the pendants found in the range of collections. The versatile anchor-style chains are available in two different fastening styles; either the curvy clasp lock or the distinctive lobster lock. All of the pendants within the range of silver letter necklaces measures 13 millimeters, including the bail.


You make the memory, we will help you recall this for a lifetime

Whether you are looking for an item for yourself or a gift to bestow upon a family member or loved one, the necklace with letters range is the perfect opportunity to choose something drenched with sentiment and style. This collection of diamond letter necklaces enables you to recall a lost loved one, a beloved pet, a birthday or anniversary and the bespoke nature of these pieces enables you to symbolise anything that your heart desires.

The eminent range of gold letter and numerical necklaces can be found here at the web shop. 


Purchase and styling support from your initial enquiry through to aftercare from the experts at Ro Copenhagen        

Making such an emotive and timeless investment can sometimes be difficult and overwhelming, however our experts at Ro Copenhagen are full adept at helping you uncover the ideal necklace match for you or a loved one.

With unparalleled service and support throughout the purchasing process, Ro Copenhagen can ensure that you will receive the ideal and quality item to do your special memory justice.

If you are wanting more advice on buying any item from within the My Collection necklace with letters range, or any piece of jewellery from Ro Copenhagen, then we will be happy to assist you.

Please do not hesitate to contact our expert team via email at or by telephone +45 70 30 13 13 between the hours of 10am and 3pm.