Why letter pendants from Ro Copenhagen are the most elegant addition to your outfit

Are you looking for a unique spark to add to your daily outfits? Need a bit of elegance to top off the perfect dress with? Or just want to treat yourself with a bit of self-love? No matter what the occasion or the reason, the perfect addition to any outfit are Ro Copenhagen’s letter pendants. With the highest quality of handmade jewellery, these letter pendants come with their own distinctive and unique touch and inspiration. To find out more about these gorgeous creations, continue reading.


What makes Ro Copenhagen’s letter pendants special?

Most jewellery companies have pieces that are based on what’s in fashion, instead of creating something unique and different. However, at Ro Copenhagen, that isn’t the case when it comes to the exquisite and unique letter pendants.

These pendants aren’t just based on ordinary designs. The designs are hand drawn by the founder Helle Leiberg Nissen as she draws inspiration from a sense of calm, which each piece is designed to reflect, making them all the more special. After this, these carefully hand-drawn designs are turned into an elegant reality by skillful goldsmiths, producing timeless necklaces with letter pendants. These pendants come with their own eclectic range, each design a completely original creation.


Enjoy the best quality of pendants

The quality of these letter pendants is also a class apart, since they are composed of solid 18-karat gold alloy available in two different colored high quality materials: yellow gold or white gold. The gold alloy is composed of 75% of pure gold, while the remaining 25% is made up of silver, palladium, and copper.

These letter pendants fall under a special range at Ro Copenhagen, called “My Collection”, because it is all about you – be it your initial that you wish to wear around your neck, or that of a loved one you want to keep close to your heart. They also make for perfect gifts to a significant other – a best friend, parent, or anyone you can think of. And if you want to make it more unique, you can also add other pendants from Ro Copenhagen’s various collections along with your letter pendant necklace to make it your own special creation with a more personal touch.


Reasons to buy the “My Collection” letter pendants

Numbers and initials mean a lot to us. They represent people we love, places we love, and moments forever stuck in a time that we will always cherish. These letter pendants can help you feel loved, whether you buy one for yourself or you receive it as a gift. They can help you in telling others how important they are to you and how you cherish them. The sentiment of love and appreciation, of one’s self and others, that is the exact thinking behind the beautiful and thoughtful range by Ro Copenhagen.

The My Collection range gives customers the option of either purchasing an alphabet pendant, or a numeral pendant. The numeral pendant allows you to create a unique necklace with letter pendants of a date that is important to you, something to always remember it by, and remember the good memories by. Express your individual style with a letter pendant.


No matter the outfit, the letter pendants will outshine

The letter pendants are designed to fit in perfectly with the workings and style of the modern woman. They’re designed and crafted with precision to give you a sense of serenity and poise amongst all the struggles and disturbances keeping you busy in today’s hectic world. All your expectations will be met with these letter pendants once you wear this fine high-end piece of jewellery.

While most companies only offer their jewellery in one standard color, Ro Copenhagen understands that not all women are alike. To allow you to incorporate your unique choice into your jewellery, the My Collection letter pendants are available in two different materials: either in 18-karat yellow gold or in 18-karat white gold, so that your jewellery is as different and distinguished as you are.


Don’t forget the diamond

Did you think that was all? You forgot the cherry on top, or rather the diamond on top – the unique thing that makes our pieces so sought after and charming. Within each letter that you order from the My Collection range of necklaces with letter pendants, you will find one signature Ro Copenhagen diamond.


Order your own to be dazzled

So no matter whether you’re buying the letter pendant for yourself, or for a loved one, you can be assured that the diamond will shine out as the star of the show, and set you a class apart. In case you need any advice on what to buy, then worry not because Ro Copenhagen provides you with expert advice to make sure you only leave with the best.

So be dazzled by ordering your very own letter pendant right now by simply clicking here.