Express your own individual style with a letter necklace for women from Ro Copenhagen

Ro Copenhagen’s immaculate and exquisite collection of initial letter necklaces 

The My Collection is a plethora of stunning and exquisite ranges brought to you by Ro Copenhagen.

This collection offers you the chance to purchase and cherish a choice of an alphabet, or a numerical character in the form of a pendant or earring. Each and every character can serve as a classic and stylish memento to recall a specific event, date or person.

All of Ro’s pieces are designed specifically for the modern woman and are crafted to enhance a sense of serenity, poise and elegance against the backdrop of a sometimes frenetic and hectic world.

Within our world-renowned range of unique letter pendants, you will be met with everything that you desire and expect from a high-end piece of jewellery.


Create your bespoke necklace letter look from Ro’s illustrious range of alphabet and numerical pendants 

The My Collection is made up of numerals from 0-9 or letters A-Z. Ro Copenhagen understands that all women are diverse and unique and therefore have designed our items with this in mind.

Each pendant is distinguishing enough to be worn solo for a more understated and striking stand-alone look or you could choose to wear a number of these dainty and flawless pendants to create a more dramatic and bespoke style.  

All pieces within the initial letter necklace range are crafted from only the highest quality materials, including a distinguished choice from either white or yellow 18 karat gold, so that you can adapt your jewellery to be as unique and distinguished as you are. Every single item within this range has been thoughtfully designed and given a spark of personality by Ro’s own inhouse master craftsmen and expert goldsmiths.

Within this collection of pendants for letter jewellery necklaces, you will find, not only a prominent sense of design and execution of craftsmanship but you will be offered the opportunity to enhance your own sense of panache, class and charm as well.

Jewellery is more than just about having something to complete an outfit or serve as a token gift for a loved one. Pieces should be a carefully thought-out and considered so that its wearer can evoke a particular memory, emotion or feeling.

Ro Copenhagen’s initial pendant and necklace range can offer just that. You can mix and match pieces to create a tailored and unique personalised collection for yourself or a loved one.

If you want to touch the heart of someone with a thoughtful and exquisitely designed piece, then these letter and number pendants are an unbeatable option.


Alphabet and numerical pendants and necklaces with diamonds

As with all Ro Copenhagen’s pieces, each letter within the My Collection range of pendants features a minimum of one signature Ro Copenhagen diamond. Whether you are treating yourself, or a loved one to a thoughtful and considered purchase, the wearer is certain to be dazzled and delighted by the overall quality and finish of your chosen item.

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Letter K necklace

This modern and classic K pendant is made from 18 karat gold and available in either white or yellow gold, like all of Ro’s pieces. Studded with an illuminating pure white diamond along the length of the K.

Letter C necklace

This beautifully arching pendant is the perfect choice to gift to a loved one, special friend or partner as a reminder of moments passed or promises of the future. The C pendant is adorned with one flawless white diamond along the outer curve of the C.

Letter T necklace

The T is a visually strong letter, set with a discrete signature diamond. If you want to recall a particular day, loved one or simply pinpoint a memorable holiday evoked by the letter T, then an initial letter necklace is a stellar option.

Letter M necklace

This beautifully symmetrical M is given a quirky edge with the bail being set on one side, which gives the pendant a subtle and eye-catching slant. This letter M necklace honors any memory with that stunning clear Ro diamond which is set along the longest length of the piece.

Letter E necklace

As with all the letter necklace pendants, this letter E necklace measures 13mm including the bail, and whilst being dainty and refined, these letter pendants are sumptuously stylish.

Letter D necklace

A December birthday or anniversary, the initial of a lost loved one or a beloved pet, the initial pendants can be purchased to symbolise anything your heart desires. This curvaceous D pendant is speckled with the signature Ro diamond along the straight edge.

Letter R necklace

Whether you prefer white or yellow gold, Ro Copenhagen has taken individual preferences into account and offers you an 18-karat choice in this letter R necklace, and all other pieces within the collection.  


Impeccable service, styling support and purchase advice on your letter necklace, and other products, from the experts at Ro Copenhagen          

Purchasing any form of jewellery is an emotive and timeless investment. This is even more so the case when you are choosing a pendant specifically to honor an event, a date or a person. So, it is even more crucial to do that memory justice by choosing an impeccably made and thoughtfully crafted piece.

Ro Copenhagen can offer you that luxury, that elegance and that support when you are looking to invest in a symbol of a moment through their letter collections, and all other pieces from our vast range of exquisite jewellery.

If you want more advice on buying any items from the letter necklace collection, or any piece of jewellery, then Ro Copenhagen can provide you with unparalleled expert guidance, product recommendations and style suggestions.


Please do not hesitate to contact our expert team via email at or by telephone +45 70 30 13 13 between the hours of 10am and 3pm.


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