Show your personal style with a gold pendant from Ro Copenhagen

Handmade quality gold pendant in 18-carat red and white gold

At Ro Copenhagen, we practice serenity and immersion when we create our jewellery. We know that an item of jewellery can have a very special meaning for it’s owner, and it may be associated with a particular feeling or a memory. This is why it is so important for us to make high quality jewellery, using only the best materials and skilful craftmanship, so our customers can enjoy the beauty and sentiment of their jewellery for years to come, making it a part of their history.


Create a personal expression with a pendant in gold

With our gold pendants for necklaces, you can choose a simple form of expression by wearing a pendant alone, or you can mix as many pendants as you wish and create your own personal and unique look. Choose the size and the stone that suits you and your style. Will you go for a stylish gold, or are you more of a sparkling white diamond person? We have pendants for all tastes. One thing that all our pendants have in common is that they are set with our small brilliant-cut signature diamond – sometimes it is visible, other times hard to find, but it is always there.

The stunning range of gold pendants can be found at the webshop.


Personal necklaces with letter pendant in gold

One of the personalisation options available in our collection of pendants is our range of A-Z gold pendants. You can show off the letter of your own name, or perhaps it is important to you to keep loved ones close to your heart – many choose to hang their child’s initial on their neck. The letter pendants are a perfect way to personalise and are a thoughtful gift idea for someone you love. Our letters can be combined with our other pendants, so you can create a special necklace in a beautiful, exclusive and unique design.


Handmade quality and good craftsmanship 

We believe our great passion for good crafts and quality materials is evident in the jewellery we create. We have skilled goldsmiths and our design is stylish with an eye for the tiny details. All our pendants are made of 18-carat red or white gold. Our 18-carat gold jewellery is stamped with a 750 marking to signify its high quality. This means that 75% of the item of jewellery is made of fine gold, with the remaining 25% consisting of other alloys such as silver, copper and palladium, which allows the metal to be crafted into beautiful and robust jewellery. 18-carat gold is softer than, for example, 14-carat – but at Ro Copenhagen, we love the finer gold for its stylish and classy look, while maintaining its durability.


Find the gold pendant that suits you 

Choosing the perfect item of jewellery for you or a loved one is a big decision, as excellent quality and sentimental jewellery should stay with you for life. If you are in doubt about which pendant to choose, or how you can combine them to create a perfect necklace, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can get in touch with us at or by phone 70 30 13 13 (10:00 AM -15.00), and we will be more than happy to help you with your jewellery needs. Read more about Ro Copenhagen here.