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With incomparable service and quality, trust Ro Copenhagen with your gold letter necklace needs

Ro Copenhagen is a leading Danish jewellery designer and we are proud of our history in impeccable design and service.

Through the use of our extensive expertise and the intricacies of our craftsmanship, we continue to build on the foundational pillars of our company, which offer premium design, quality products and flawless customer service.

The initial pieces designed by our founder, Helle Leiberg Nissen, were created with the ethos of serenity in mind, and this philosophy remains in place today for all of our jewellery in the extensive Ro catalogue.

Ro Copenhagen crafts exclusive pieces for the modern and contemporary woman, deliberately shying away from bulky and showy design. In direct contrast, Ro product provides a delicate, modest and captivating aesthetic.


The My Collection gold letter necklace range is designed to help you wear your memories with pride

“Memories are special moments that tell our story” - at Ro Copenhagen, we understand that every memory is personal, emotive and invaluable.

The My Collection range, an 18k gold necklace series, has been thoughtfully arranged to help you wear your memories with dignity and delight, honouring special moments and helping you recall a special time, person or place.

The My Collection is devised of a variety of emblematic pendants in numerical or alphabet necklace form, this is 0-9 or A-Z. All pendants are available in 18-karat white or yellow gold and can be matched with a chain of your choice. This symbolic series is also available in a stud earring format. 

Being able to carry a sentiment, the memory of a person or special moment with you at all times is an honour that every woman deserves, in particular when worn around the neck with the pendant being close to where it matters – your heart.


Chic, elegant and immaculate craftsmanship

Quality and style is the trademark of Ro Copenhagen and all pieces are flawlessly crafted from superior materials. The luxury of choice between yellow or white gold allows you to opt for the material that best suits your personality and skin tone, thus enhancing your innate being. The pendants, as with all pieces of jewellery made by Ro Copenhagen, are adorned with at least one of our signature white diamonds – our unique a diamond hallmark that is across everything we create.


Ro Copenhagen gold letter necklace range; designed to let the wearers personality sing 

Ro Copenhagen believes that a gold letter necklace or any other piece of jewellery should enrich the nature and character of its wearer. You will see within the thoughtful and paired-back design of each piece, that the simplicity allows the wearer to let their own sense of flair and individualism emanate.

Each pendant from Ro Copenhagen is offered separately from the 18k gold necklace chain, which allows for a thoroughly bespoke and individual combination to be selected and purchased. All necklace chains are available in 18-karat white or yellow gold and adorned with the signature Ro Copenhagen diamond stone. As well as being available in varying lengths, these anchor-style chains can be purchased in a choice of two different fastening styles; either the lobster lock or the curvy clasp lock. When deciding on your chain length, it is advisable to consider that all of the pendants within the My Collection range measure 13 millimeters (the bail being included within this measurement).


Memories made to last

Purchasing a piece of jewellery should be a thoughtful and respectful gesture. It is far from simply finding something to finish off an outfit or to give as a token gift, this action should be filled with contemplation, heart and emotion.

The exquisite pieces from Ro Copenhagen can be considered as investment jewellery – crafted from the highest quality materials and designed to last many lifetimes. Jewellery that is passed on from generation to generation gathers further meaning and sentiment, developing into a family heirloom filled with a bounty of memories.


Let the experts at Ro Copenhagen guide you through the purchase of your desired gold letter necklace       

If you are new to buying quality and tailor-made jewellery, or if you’re a little unsure what would be suitable for your needs, our experts at Ro Copenhagen are adept to help you find the perfect piece for you or a loved one.

Our impeccable service starts from your first point of contact, following you through to purchase and seeing that all aftercare needs are met so that your piece of jewellery does your special memory justice.

If you are wanting more advice on buying a gold letter pendant necklace from The My Collection range, or any item of jewellery from Ro Copenhagen, then we will be happy to assist you.

Please do not hesitate to contact our expert team via email at or by telephone +45 70 30 13 13 between the hours of 10am and 3pm.

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