At Ro Copenhagen you will find a large selection of high-quality handmade jewellery for women

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Would you like to read more about our distinctive jewellery and find inspiration to complete your look?  

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Simple and elegant design

Ro Copenhagen was founded by Helle Leiberg Nissen. Within each hand drawn design, Helle pulls inspiration from a sense of serenity that is reflected within each piece. With the help of highly skilled goldsmiths, sketches evolve into exquisite and timeless pieces of jewellery.

At Ro Copenhagen, we design an eclectic and original range of jewellery, which is designed and embellished to perfection with precision and elegance.


A personal touch and exclusive styling

With our My Collection range, you can choose letters from A to Z or numbers from 0-9. For example, you can select to have your own or loved ones initials around your neck, to always have them close to your heart. Our letter pendants can be combined with other pendants, so you have the opportunity to create your own special and unique necklace, with a personal touch.


The ‘My Collection’ alphabet and numeral jewellery is also available in a stud earring format.

You can see our many earrings and read more about our different collections here.


Exceptional craftsmanship in quality materials

At Ro Copenhagen, we compose our pieces only from the highest quality materials.  All Ro pendants are made of solid 18-carat yellow or white gold. 

The 18-carat gold alloy we use is made of 75% pure gold, with a fineness gold rating of 750/1000. The remaining 25% of our 18-carat alloy is a combination of silver, copper and palladium. 

We love the discrete patina finish that gold develops over time.