Show your personal style with 18-carat white gold diamond stud earrings from Ro Copenhagen

Ro Copenhagen’s illustrious range of diamond stud earrings for women

White gold has its own sense of bravura and beauty. Offering a crisp white appearance that is unparalleled by any other gold type.

White gold can provide a neutral and contemporary backdrop against colored gemstones which can really shine and enthuse character.

However, if you favor a more paired back and subtle clean look, then you will be enamored by our white gold and white diamond selections which offer a glamourous yet understated sense of elegance.

White gold is the perfect choice for those who favor classic, stylish and stunning jewellery with its versatility of pallor suiting most personalities, outfits and occasions.


White gold stud earrings with diamonds

At Ro Copenhagen we understand that not every discerning woman has the same taste and adding to the adaptability of our collections is key in helping you find that ideal piece for you or a loved one.

All of Ro Copenhagen’s designs have their roots in a sleek and contemporary style of simplicity and sophistication.

Within this diverse designing you will find something for every taste and every occasion. Each of the eponymous collections features a selection of white gold diamond earrings that all house the Ro signature set diamond.

The varied selection of white gold diamond studs is designed to be striking enough to be worn alone or coupled with other pieces and stacked up the ear for a more dynamic look.

The illustrious range of white gold stud earrings can be found at the web shop her. 


The My Collection

Jewellery offers more than an opportunity to complete an outfit or serve as a token gift for a loved one. Pieces should be a well-thought-out and considered to fit its wearer and so that they can evoke a particular memory, emotion or feeling.

The 18-carat white gold earrings within Ro Copenhagen’s My Collection can offer just that. With diamond dotted studs available in the numerals 0-9 and letters A-Z, you can mix and match pieces to create a bespoke and unique personalized collection for yourself or a loved one.

This range can serve as a reminder of a particular date or initials of someone special.

If you want to touch the heart of someone with a thoughtful and exquisitely designed piece, then The My Collection is an unbeatable option.


Nord Collection

The Northern Lights are an eponymous and beguiling natural phenomenon and it is within The Nord Collection’s range of white gold diamond stud earrings that you will uncover the beautiful hues that light up the sky.

Each of the white gold diamond earrings are available as The Nord White with a large white topaz, The Nord Light Green stud featuring a bright beryl stone, The Nord Green with a sage tourmaline stone and The Nord Blue with a shimmering aquamarine center. All white gold diamond studs come complete with the signature Ro diamond detailing.


The Fryd Collection

The Fryd collection undulates with a sense of majesty and marvel. With the stud settings shaped as either a customary oval, regal marquise or noble three-point star, there is something here to suit every distinguished taste. Both the Fancy Oval Earring and the Marquise Earrings are available in a white topaz, pink tourmaline or London blue topaz.

The Fancy Petit Diamond Studs are star shaped and beautifully refined and are set with 6 illuminous white diamonds.


Earrings from The Orbit Collection

The Orbit Collection rejoices the natural beauty of Mother Nature and is designed with celestial and satellite silhouettes. Within this dainty range you will find the leaf shaped Orbit Leaf stud earrings and the Floral Orbit Dot stud earrings.


Earrings from The Rock Collection

Raw, determined and unique, The Rock Collection is crafted to showcase those brilliant and elaborate diamonds. The Rock Collection stud earrings are available in some variations of sizes and feature between 2 and 38 brilliant cut diamonds, depending on your choice from this enigmatic, eclectic and elegant range.


If you need expert buying guidance for white gold stud earrings, plus all other products, then you can be guaranteed immaculate service from Ro Copenhagen

Purchasing jewellery is a not only a financial but an emotional investment, offering you the opportunity to own a piece that can hold meaning, emotion and personal significance to you or the wearer.

If you are unsure about buying 18-carat white gold diamond stud earrings, or any jewellery product from our ranges, then Ro Copenhagen can provide you with unparalleled expert guidance, product recommendations and style suggestions.

Please do not hesitate to contact our expert team via email at or by telephone +45 70 30 13 13 between the hours of 10am and 3pm.

The full range of products and any additional information can also be accessed at the detailed website here.