Show your personal style with stud earrings for women from Ro Copenhagen

A Stunning Collection of Gold Stud Earrings for Women From Ro Copenhagen

Purchasing stud earrings for women, or any piece of jewellery, is not about being ostentatious or finding something to complete an outfit. An item of jewellery is a considered decision, something that speaks to the heart of the wearer and evokes a particular emotion, feeling or memory.

Ro Copenhagen understands that any item of jewellery is individual and heart-felt, and this idea has been poured into the design and creation of every single piece of Ro jewellery.

Ro’s ethos is set within a sense of tranquility and an air of serenity to provide a backdrop to the chaos of modern life.

With its progressively expanding collection of jewellery, Ro Copenhagen shows their intention to move with the needs of the discerning woman, meeting the tasteful desires of their discerning clientele.

The stunning range of stud earrings can be found at the web shop and the full range of products.


Earrings with Diamonds

All of Ro Copenhagen’s earrings embrace a sense of archetypal Danish design in their air of simplicity and elegance. All of the stud earrings for girls are available in 18-carat yellow or white gold and feature the Ro signature set diamond.

Ideal for women who have an appreciation of discreet elegance or those who favour a more elaborate and emphatic style.

This diverse and adaptable range of earrings delivers something for every woman and every occasion. In particular the stud earring collection is designed to be conspicuous enough to wear alone or stacked up the ear for a more deliberate statement.

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The My Collection

If you are looking for something highly bespoke and personalised for yourself or a loved one, then Ro’s My Collection can provide you with the tools to structure a highly thoughtful and tailored look that can inspire memories, moments and recollections.

The numeral and letter earrings come in letters A to Z and numbers 0 to 9 are available in both 18-carat yellow and white gold along with the signature diamond.


The Fryd Collection

Fryd means magnificence and splendor and in this collection you will uncover the diamond studded Fancy Oval Earring which is available in either 18-carat white or yellow gold. These elegant studs are set with a large white topaz and 3 sparkling signature Ro diamonds. Within the same range you will also unearth the white Marquise stud which houses an elaborate marquise white topaz and 3 sparkling Ro diamonds. Both the Fancy Oval Earring and the Marquise Stud are available with alternative stone choices: either a feminine pink tourmaline or London blue topaz.

If you are looking for something more dainty, then take a look at the Fancy Petit Diamond Studs. Shaped like a three-point star, this pair of earrings are set with 6 illuminous white diamonds. Available in either white or yellow gold.


Earrings from The Orbit Collection

With a subtle nod to nature, The Orbit Collection celebrates nature and the universe with its celestial and satellite formations.

The Orbit Collection is a dainty range that features either the Orbit Leaf Studs or Orbit Dot studs. With the Leaf Studs shaped like its namesake and the Orbit Dots shaped like a flower, this collection harks at the essence of our surrounding flora and fauna.


Earrings from The Rock Collection

Within the Rock Collection you will find exquisite Rock Square Diamond Studs set with either 6 or 12 diamonds depending on the size you choose. Both sizes can be bought in white or yellow gold.

Rock Heart earrings are illustrative of a quirky heart shape and are set with a diamond in each stud. The Rock Heart earrings are also available with a more elaborate 34 brilliant cut diamonds.

For something a little daintier but still dazzling, you can browse either the Rock Diamond or Rock Side Diamond Studs which offer slight variations in style but still retain the quality and those diamonds that are representative of Ro.

As with all of Ro Copenhagen’s pieces, the versatility of design allows for each piece to be worn as a stand-alone statement or layered to offer an elaborate style.


Earrings from The Nord Collection

The Nord Collection is designed with inspiration sought from the exquisite and unique coloring of the Northern Lights. With a sense of subtle grace that emanates within the natural phenomenon.

Nord White Stud Earrings for girls are more a blocky square shape with a large white topaz and a dainty diamond. These gold stud earrings for women are also available as The Nord Light Green Stud with a green beryl stone, The Nord Blue with an aquamarine stone and The Nord Green with a tourmaline stone.


Expert buying guidance for stud earrings, plus all other products, with flawless service from Ro Copenhagen

Purchasing jewellery for a loved one or for yourself is a meaningful venture. With the quality and expert craftmanship of the items produced by Ro Copenhagen, you can be guaranteed to be furnished with jewellery that will last you for countless years and can therefore be treated as an heirloom that can be passed on to generations.

If you require advice on the choosing and purchasing of our stud earrings for women or any of our pieces, then please do not hesitate to contact our expert team via email at or by telephone +45 70 30 13 13 between the hours of 10am and 3pm.

 Any additional information can also be accessed at the detailed website.