Show your personal style with pendants from Ro Copenhagen

An Immaculate Range of Pendant Jewellery For Bracelets or Necklaces

‘Ro’ means serenity, and that beautiful sense of tranquillity is what you will find within Ro Copenhagen’s exquisite and illustrious range of 18-carat gold diamond pendants.

Each piece of jewellery, within the eclectic range of products, has been painstakingly designed and then brought to life by Ro’s own master craftsmen and goldsmiths.

Composed from only the highest quality materials, each item is affectionately handmade to ensure perfection, precision and excellence, which is the hallmark of the Ro Copenhagen brand.

These heart-felt pieces are unique, innovative and revolutionary, yet with a simplicity that will suit the needs of any discerning and stylish wearer.

The diamond pendants are available in variable sizes so you are guaranteed to find something to suit your own individual sense of style. So whether you prefer dainty and discreet or a more robust and revering item; whether you are buying for yourself or purchasing a gift for a loved one – you will be enchanted by the choice, quality and sense of grace that the pendant jewellery provides.

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Gold Pendants For Necklaces or Bracelets

The collection of pendant jewellery within Ro Copenhagen’s range is extensive but this does not mean that any of their products lack a sense of personal identity or intimate craftsmanship. The designers at Ro Copenhagen have ensured that their range of diamond pendants is all-encompassing, allowing for individual style, pendant pairing and personal desires.

The range of pendant jewellery can be used on both necklaces or bracelets, so you can continue to wear your most precious pendant either close to your hand or close to your heart.

Should you wish for a more eclectic or layered look, you can add more pendants to either your bracelet or necklace for a combined style. Within each pendant, you will find very fine detailing and a meticulous finish so that any pendant combinations remain looking sleek and serene without the prospect of being unyielding and cumbersome.  


The ‘My Collection’ Gold Letter and Number Pendants

Ro Copenhagen’s eminent ‘My Collection’ range features a variety of pendant jewellery that can be worn to evoke a memory or recall an event. You will find a discerning choice of diamond pendants in the letters A-Z or numbers 0-9. All are available in 18-carat yellow or white gold and inset with the Ro Copenhagen’s signature diamond.

The understated and stylish design of these versatile pendants can all be worn either as a neckpiece or on a bracelet. So whether you are purchasing a pendant for yourself to remember a loved one or gifting the item to celebrate a landmark birthday or anniversary – the My Collection Range encourages you to be creative and imaginative in your style choices so that your pendant can be worn to evoke the desired memories and create those heartfelt moments for years to come.


The Rock Collection

The Rock Collection focusses its attention on those elaborate signature Ro Copenhagen set diamonds. The pendant jewellery within the rock collection feature the Round Rock Diamond Pendant which includes 37 brilliant cut stones or the Mini Rock Pendant which includes 19 diamonds or the Rock Diamond Square Pendant set with 18 brilliant cut diamonds, all creating an iconic statement piece. All are available in 18-carat yellow or white gold. 

If you are looking for a more dainty and delicate pendant from the rock range, the Rock Square Pendant or Round Rock Pendant still delivers the elegance and lustre of the remainder of the collection but in a more modest and refined way.


The Nord Collection

The exquisite and awe-inspiring colours within the Northern Lights are the inspiration behind the design of The Nord Collection Range. The unique and spectacular designs featured within this range are as eye-catching and revered as the northern natural phenomenon.

The clear, elegant and unique colouring of the stones found within this collection are further highlighted by being nestled into a modest and elegantly designed setting.

The North Blue pendant is crafted from an aquamarine baguette stone, The North White pendant features a topaz baguette stone and a moonstone sits at the heart of The North Blush pendant. All pendants from The Nord Collection also feature the signature Ro Copenhagen diamond.

Inspired by the nature of the North and stunningly crafted from the nature of the earth, The Nord Collection is more primal, unrefined and intense than some of the other designs from Ro Copenhagen but does not lack that landmark sense of simple and graceful elegance that is the hallmark of this designer.


Fine Oak Collection

The Fine Oak Collection is uniquely crafted using Abonos Wood which is a ‘stone’ from trees that have been preserved within the ground for hundreds and sometimes thousands of years. This fossilized wood has a distinctive black colour with shimmering amber tones. Available in both yellow and white gold, the beautifully handcrafted 18-carat setting contrasts beautifully with the raw and natural stone set within the heart of the piece. As with all Ro Copenhagen pieces, the pendant is also dotted with the signature Ro diamond. A beautiful merge of modern design with natural earthborn creations.


One Piece Collection

The unique and bespoke designing within The One Piece Collection has given way to a range of exclusive and inimitable items. Within this collection you will uncover the modestly designed Pennant Pendant, which takes the form of an graceful flag design. Available in thee sizes, this striking pendant is perfectly styled to be worn on its own or layered with other pendant jewellery for a more personalised look.

The Halo Pendant can also be found within this range and evokes a sense of graceful timelessness. Beautifully feminine, this would make a thoughtful and unique gift to mark an anniversary or wedding occasion to underpin the beauty of infinity.

Shaped like an ornate mirror, the Mirror Pendant can be found within the One Piece Collection, and whilst the shape is unique and ornate, the design remains romantic and elegant with a dainty diamond embellishment.

Also within the One Piece Collection is The Signet Pendant; featuring the signature Ro diamonds peppered on the necklace bail and on the edge of this feminine oval pendant. It allows for the potential to engrave the item to enhance the sense of personal touch and overall special significance of the piece.


Orbit Collection 

The Orbit Dot is the last in the Ro Copenhagen pendent assembly and is housed within the exquisite Orbit Collection. Designed with a subtle nod to the extraordinary brilliance of the galaxy, the spherical dainty dot design is set with three brilliant cut diamond stones and is a symbol of light, femininity and delicacy.


Expert buying guidance for pendant jewellery, and all other products, with flawless service from Ro Copenhagen

Purchasing jewellery should not be an impulsive act or afterthought. It is a timeless symbol of a memory, person or point in time that should be considered and respectfully pondered. So if you would like advice on making a purchase for a loved one, friend or family member, or you are unsure what style would suit your needs, then Ro Copenhagen can provide you with a thorough and faultless service from your point of first contact until the aftercare of your item.

If you require any advice on the purchasing of any diamond pendants, or any products produced by Ro Copenhagen, then please do not hesitate to contact via email at or by telephone 70 30 13 13.